Re ~ {re/} from latin; Preposition: About, regarding, with reference to.
Covered ~ [’k[vərd]; adj : A new recording of a contemporary or
previously recorded or popular song.

Consisting of songs from the early to mid 1900’s, I have looked back at this rich legacy to find songs and reasons for covering them.  A great song stands the test of time but may occasionally need a new frock to show it off again. RE:COVERED is a celebration of these songs and perhaps an attempt at preserving their longevity, finding some new ears or refreshing some old ones along the way.

The album is now available through the store.


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Charlie and I had a blast recording my arrangement of Gershwin’s classic Summertime. At times it was hard to believe that I had a legend of New Orleans standing next to me but he was so humble and generous that it never seemed to be relevant. I have to say it was one of the easiest recording sessions I have ever had as he knew exactly what I wanted. Oh and did he swing!!!

Vocals and clarinet by Charlie Gabriel. Here he discusses his early years and mentors courtesy from the New Orleans Preservation Hall Band Blog …

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  1. Rena says:

    It must surely be the most bizarre instrument ever! :D

  2. Dave Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comments!! It certainly is a strange instrument but its personality changes when you put it through a wah-wah pedal :0)

  3. Riften Plik says:

    Very nice and clever well thought out website.

  4. Jemahl Evans says:

    Great new website Dave cant wait to hear the album,

  5. Shami says:

    Fantastic website Dave and just waiting for that album!!! Hopefully before 2025!;)
    It will be a great success!

  6. Albert Sirimal says:

    Hey Dave… Awesome .. Am pre booking a copy of your march 2012 release !!
    Way to go bro !!

  7. jeff zweig says:

    groove tone, looking forward to hearing the album!

  8. Clarina says:

    This is my second (very remote) encounter with the theremin in recent weeks. Surely a sign. Looking fwd to ur new masterpiece!


    wow dude! very iSavvy & e-Webby of you…good stuff!

  10. Zora says:

    I just cannot wait to the release of your album and GREAT website!!! :)
    You are brilliant but that does not come as a surprise. xxx

  11. Reeve Long says:

    Well thought out website.
    Looking forward to the release of the new album!!!

    Cheers…. :-)

  12. Richard Falvey says:

    Keep to your deadline – can’t wait to hear the album

  13. Erik says:

    Love the whole idea behind “finding some new ears or refreshing some old ones along the way”. Way cool. Very exciting and a bit of a musical education. Cheers big guy!

  14. Kit says:

    Fantastic website and looking forward to your new album in March.
    Love the title too! Re:ally looking forward to Re:covered.

  15. Francis Himpe says:

    I can’t wait to hear the final album. Our Steely Dan takes 10 years for this second album so it bound to be good, if not great! Up till today, I still enjoy the first album a lot, so this promises well for the second. I am prebooking my copies now!

  16. amir yussof says:


    Congrats! I will advertsie your stuff on my FB band page when you’re ready!


  17. Dave Andrew says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments and support!!!!!

  18. jimbo says:

    Serious stuff Skipper Serious – impressive .

  19. Paul says:

    Nice. New frock :)

  20. Alan D'Cruz says:

    Look forward to the album!

  21. Jill Jefferies says:

    Looking forward to hearing your new tunes!

  22. Matt says:

    Great stuff Dave, looking forward to hearing it!

  23. Very cool, I’m a huge music fan.

  24. Graeme says:

    Hey Dave. I still love your last album. Great to hear your next is on the way. Cant wait to hear it. Graeme.

  25. Kevin Achuthan says:


    What’s the latest dude???

    Looking forward to this mate.

  26. Paul says:

    Nice one brother……