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How To Record a Fly !!!

While reading Greg Milner’s fantastic “Perfecting Sound Forever“, I came across a fact that I had to double check regarding early recording devices and I found this……It’s ten minutes past 8 )

“Radio 4’s Charlotte Green cracks up on air”. Uploaded by on Mar 28, 2008 <>.

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Darth Theremin Mod

My theremin that I ordered from has arrived and I’m in the process of doing a Darth Mod before it debuts on RE:COVERED for “The Jody Grind”.

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Bjork’s Biophilia featuring Manu Delgo

Biophila is Bjorks 8th studio album which should be out next month and will also feature master Hang Drum player Manu Delago. If you remember I got in touch with him earlier this month and I just received a reply saying he would be happy to play on Mood Indigo after listening to the arrangement. Have to get the session ready and ftp it over to him. Looking forward to this!!!

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Kind of Bull

While researching “Fair Use” policies for the album I ran across this.

Google chiptune mash / remix and the results will be people basically taking tunes and remaking them on their Nintendo/Commodore/emulated 8 bit machines but it also applies to the artwork that goes with it.

Here is a great example:

Rest in peace Bob Moog!!!!

Here is a guy who licensed all the music for Kind of Blue and released it as:

and then got:

…so far I found out the “Fair Use” isn’t very…..or is it….

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Why Gershwin’s Summertime prt3

After what seemed like an eternity in the car Charlie, who I thought was asleep the whole time, opened his eyes and a smile broke on his face. “Let’s get this done!!!”. With that he headed off for his rehearsal  and I ecstatically drove home to prepare for our session the next day before heading out again for the show.

That evening the Mardi Gras festival come to us!! Incredible musicianship with big beats, sub sonic Tuba riffs, swinging tenors, talking trombones and wailing clarinets that combined into an irresistible groove. Half way through Charlie kicked off on solo clarinet then broke into song. What a voice!!

After one of the best concerts I’ve been to we met up and he reminisced about his early years and I complemented him on his vocal prowess. I also tried to eek out any information on my heroes like Professor Longhair, Huey “Piano” Smith, James Booker and the good Dr.John, all giants of New Orleans piano all of whom he knew. Nursing a bourbon he regaled one fascinating story after another whilst I complemented him on his vocal prowess.

The evening came to an end and Charlie took his last sip, bid his farewells and with a sly grin said that he would be more than happy to do the vocals on the album as well.

I felt like a low class grifter!!

That night the stars seemed to twinkle that much brighter.


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Why Gershwin’s Summertime prt2

About to abandon the song 6 months down the road I found out that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band were coming to town for a two day stint. Not only was this a sheer coincidence but it was also featuring Charlie Gabriel, a legendary New Orleans clarinet player who played with the Lionel Hampton Band at age sixteen!!

Managing to get in contact with him he agreed to meet me when he landed in town but would like to hear my arrangement before he would commit to anything. It didn’t really matter as both ways I would get to spend time with a true legend.

The day came when I nervously walked through the foyer of the hotel to meet Charlie. Dressed in a dapper suit, clarinet case in hand he let out a huge reverberant chuckle when he noticed me waving. Knowing I had ten minuted before he had to head to his sound check we exchanged pleasantries while walking to my car for the audition….

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Why Gershwin’s Summertime

My friends have never asked me to DJ at a party let alone organise music for a road trip!! Strange considering my quite varied taste like Peg Leg Howell, Trio Bulgar, Henryk Gorecki, Bela Fleck, Jelly Roll Morton, Buckwheat Zydeco to name a few. So when I told them I was working on my album their one request was to include a cover that more than two people knew.

Summertime I always knew would have a mid tempo New Orleans groove to it. Having already worked with Neil Conti I knew that the rhythm section was covered as he already was a huge fan of New Orleans drumming and had that second line rhythm down. The part I was going to have the most problems with was finding the right singer and clarinet player.

More to follow….

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The Hang Drum

Andy Peterson who is playing Electric Double Bass for the Jody Grind is still on tour and since I need to record that next I have put it aside and spent today looking for a Hang Drum player who would be suitable for my arrangement of Duke Ellington’s “Mood Indigo”, and I think I have found one. Here is Manu Delago playing this fairly modern, what can only be described as a UFO wok like instrument, with a hypnotic sound. Sent him a mail and hope he is up for it. Would be good to hang out…

“Manu Delago: ‘Hang Solo'”. Uploaded by on Sep 18, 2007 <>.

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Funky Drums from Hell!!

Just went through Neil’s Drum takes and all I can say is nothing as I am smiling too much!!! Incredible player through an incredible kit recorded on a Studer A810 reel to reel to real!!!! Analogue bliss :0)

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