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Finding “Happy Feet”

I’ve been looking for a tap dancer for “The Jody Grind” for over a year now and think, know I have found my talent pool. These kids are from New Orleans and busk around the city with a difference. When you cant afford tap shoes you make them yourself. How? Easy! Crush two soda cans and tack them to your sole. “Hoofing” New Orleans style.

“New Orleans Tap Dancing”. Uploaded by on Jan 4, 2009 <>.

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Today I started the Last Song!!!!

RE:MIXED “My Funny Valentine” by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. Based on an earlier version of mine I sampled two elements, the vocal and strings from the original 2″ analogue reel and am working on building a new arrangement around it.

This is the quintessential classic song and a perfect example of a tune that will always stand the test of time. What makes a song timeless ? I wish I knew as I would be writing them but I have noticed that they all have certain quirks  that make them stand out from the pack.

Anyway more importantly….ITS THE LAST SONG!!!!

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RE: Trumpets with Jon Dante

Jon Dante plays trumpet on both “The Jody Grind” and “Mood Indigo”. Here he goes through his passion and influences and we also choose the right horn for the job…

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Recording a Trumpet

Well tomorrow I shall be recording Jon Dante for “The Jody Grind”. He is bringing a number of horns which we’ll go through to find one that suits the arrangement. The trumpet selection will also affect the mic selection. I am trying to get hold of a ribbon mic for the session but I feel I may go with my trusty C12 or AT-4047. Will post a clip up after the session.

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Why Robert Johnson

Well not really but I don’t think you need a reason to cover a Robert Johnson song and as Memphis Slim sang, “not all em blues is sad”…..the sequel tops it off.

“Heineken Blues: ‘UK TV Advert'”. Uploaded by on Aug 21, 2007 <>.

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Copyright & Creativity

Click Here for a great article regarding how Blues and Jazz musicians, a music that thrives on borrowing, view this issue. Follow the diatribe in the comments section after.

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Why How Insensitive

Always looking out for Pat Martino albums, I was fortunate to find a rare vinyl copy of Footsteps, his tribute to Wes Montgomery and was just floored by his cover of Jobim’s “How Insensitive”. Covering ballads are always troublesome as the tempos  leave you exposed. It’s akin to slowing time down in the film domain exposing every frame. It’s even harder to do justice to probably one of the most loved Bosa Nova songs but I naively took it on.

“How Insensitive” was one of the first songs I started working on. The brief to myself was simple. Write the most “insensitive” arrangement while retaining its beauty. A contradiction which led to many, many days and weeks where I wished I had choosen another song. Sometimes perseverance pays off but I am still not sure if it has. We shall see.

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