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Thank you William Gottlieb!!!

While sourcing images for my “Teaser”, I came across the fact that William Gottlieb (January 28, 1917 – April 23, 2006), according to his wishes left his entire photographic collection to the public domain on February 16, 2010. With that he gave the world some of the most enduring images from the Golden Age of Jazz (1938-1948).

He documented a time in a way that is so intimate, you can almost hear the performance, let alone feel it. Here is one of my all time favorites of the great Billy Holiday:

For those interested, view the splendor:


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The Loudness Wars

The louder it gets the less the dynamics!!!

Since the early days of rock and roll one of the ways of getting heard on radio or a crowded Juke Joint was a simple trick. To be louder than your rival. It was a poke in the ear that said listen to me. In the good old days there was a certain limit to how loud music could be as the needle would just jump off the record due to over modulated grooves on a vinyl disc. With the advent of digital technology this is no longer the case.Its not to say loud is bad but to do it due to trends is tantamount to cutting your nose off to spite your face.

I shall be keeping the levels at a point where it most musical which is a balancing act between the mixing and the mastering stage.


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