Probably one of the best Hard Bop pianists of his generation, Horace Silver was funky before the word was. Being the first track on the album I decided to look back to the mid 1800’s to find inspiration. A theremin, one of the earliest electronic musical instruments was also used to add that electronica flavour.


Written as an instrumental it became a hit for Ellington along with its highly original horn arrangement never heard before. After its first transmission in October 1930, fan mail poured in and so Irving Mills added lyrics to it the next day. Wanting to keep the essence of it I retained the original “milk-tone” horn arrangement but super imposed my “Mood Indigo” on top.

“78rpm pressing: ‘Mood Indigo – Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra, 1930 – V-Disc No. 67′” . Uploaded by wilco65 on Oct 30, 2006


This beautiful aria that Clara sings in the opening of Porgy and Bess has been covered 30,000 times . Although set in South Carolina, Summertime for me always conjured up New Orleans which is funny as it was apparently inspired by a Ukrainian lullaby. Does the world need another cover? Featuring the legendary New Orleans treasure Charlie Gabriel, it just may do.


Here is the beautiful bosa featuring Stan Getz and Maria Toledo written by the Brazilian maestro but I was jolted by its sheer elegance when I heard jazz guitarist Pat Martino‘s cover of it on his Footsteps album dedicated to Wes Montgomery. I set myself a task of writing and recording an as “insensitive” arrangement as possible without diluting its beauty.

“Insensatez”. Uploaded by on Sep 18, 2008 <>.


Taking just the vocal element from a previous arrangement of mine, I construct a RE:MIXED version of this well loved show tune written in 1937, turned into a standard by Chet Baker and Miles Davis.


Here is one of two surviving photos of the legendary Robert Johnson who was said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in return for his prodigious talents. The boogie bass riff that he first played on “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” is probably still the first thing someone plays on guitar when mimicking the blues without even realising it. But Ramblin’ for me still brings back memories of my teenage rambles with Mr.Johnson always keeping me company. This is my take on it.