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Bjork’s Biophilia featuring Manu Delgo

Biophila is Bjorks 8th studio album which should be out next month and will also feature master Hang Drum player Manu Delago. If you remember I got in touch with him earlier this month and I just received a reply saying he would be happy to play on Mood Indigo after listening to the arrangement. Have to get the session ready and ftp it over to him. Looking forward to this!!!

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The Hang Drum

Andy Peterson who is playing Electric Double Bass for the Jody Grind is still on tour and since I need to record that next I have put it aside and spent today looking for a Hang Drum player who would be suitable for my arrangement of Duke Ellington’s “Mood Indigo”, and I think I have found one. Here is Manu Delago playing this fairly modern, what can only be described as a UFO wok like instrument, with a hypnotic sound. Sent him a mail and hope he is up for it. Would be good to hang out…

“Manu Delago: ‘Hang Solo'”. Uploaded by on Sep 18, 2007 <>.

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Why Ellington’s Mood Indigo

Duke Ellington was prolific. With over a thousand compositions under his belt you would think picking a song to cover would be problematic. For me there were always four that stood out, In a Sentimental Mood, Solitude, Mood Indigo and the lesser known Reflections in D. All to me point to an introverted, intelligent and devastatingly emotional being, able to articulate all through euphonics. Its a double edged sword.

You ain’t been blue,
no, no, no
You ain’t been blue
Till you’ve had that mood indigo

For what I had in mind, those lyrics picked the song for me. Along with the hauntingly beautiful horn arrangement, the words dictated the tempo and the title the colour.

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