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The world is my recording Oyster!!

While compiling the album credits today, it occurred that this album would have been impossible for me to do just a few years ago. Audio technology that is affordable and powerful enough, literally in the palms of your hands. So far on the album we have…..

Neil Conti – Drums – Montpellier – France

Dennis Elliot – Banjo – Virginia – U.S

Kurt Baumer – Fiddle – Texas – U.S.

Manu Delago – Hang Drum – Bern – Switzerland

Mike Stevens – Harp – Ontario – Canada

Shay Goodwin – Drums – L.A – U.S.

Lester Foster- Tap – New Orleans – U.S

Paul Oreilley – Guitars – P.D – Malaysia

and eventually Metropolis Mastering – London – U.K.

…… all via tinternet from the comfort of my home :0)

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Bjork’s Biophilia featuring Manu Delgo

Biophila is Bjorks 8th studio album which should be out next month and will also feature master Hang Drum player Manu Delago. If you remember I got in touch with him earlier this month and I just received a reply saying he would be happy to play on Mood Indigo after listening to the arrangement. Have to get the session ready and ftp it over to him. Looking forward to this!!!

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